Stéphanie Furtado

Things I like a lot :

• Music
• Doggies
• Taking too many pictures

Things I can’t stand :

• Mushroom soup
• Mushroom pizza
• Pasta with mushrooms

The perfect tree would grow :

Parents for little orphans, or chips (I haven’t decided yet)

I confess, I have a bad habit of:

Doing everything at the last minute. It’s 10:15 at night right now and these answers are due tomorrow.

Pirate, ninja or cowboy :

Ninja, so I can be in the movie 3 Ninjas.

I clearly have a fixation on :

Taking pictures of my life

I’m a total geek when :

Videos about cats still make me laugh

Locked up alone in an empty room,
I would bring :

• My iPhone
• A plant (because it’s fun to decorate)
• My Portuguese mom who always brings way too much food