Katia Laporte

Things I like a lot :

• Doing yoga lakeside
• Watching snow fall
• Listening to “Here comes the sun” from the Beatles on a sunny morning

Things I can’t stand :

• Disposable containers
• Keytars
• Medieval weddings

The perfect tree would grow :

Trees already grow really nice things.
Just more trees, maybe...

I confess, I have a bad habit of :

Arranging everything in a linear way, from towels to magazines on the table

Pirate, ninja or cowboy :

Cowboy, so I can listen to country music all day and dress like one too

I clearly have a fixation on :

Wanting to compost everything I find

I’m a total geek when :

I think about naming my dog Helvetica

Locked up alone in an empty room,
I would bring :

• A jukebox
• A nice bottle of white wine
• A friend