Josée Legault

Things I like a lot :

• Reading
• Jogging
• Travelling (but I never do all three at the same time!)

Things I can’t stand :

• The TV shows Occupation Double and Loft Story
• The participants on Occupation Double and Loft Story

The perfect tree would grow :

Processed food

I confess, I have a bad habit of :

Being in "Josée’s world"!

Pirate, ninja or cowboy :

Pirate, because pirate’s aren’t heros. Heroes tend to be too nice and boring.

I clearly have a fixation on :

The Send/Receive button in Outlook

I’m a total geek when :

I’m honestly NOT a geek

Locked up alone in an empty room,
I would bring :

• A novel
• A bed
• A portable toilet