Diane Lapierre

Things I like a lot :

• Sun and heat
• Sleeping
• Cheese

Things I can’t stand :

• Being cold
• Being wakened
• Tomatoes in sandwiches... I find them too 'soggy'. I prefer to replace them with cheese!

The perfect tree would grow :

Perfect baby trees!

I confess, I have a bad habit of :

Leaving cupboard doors and drawers open.

Pirate, ninja or cowboy :

Definitely pirate! Sea, beach, treasure chest...

I clearly have a fixation on :

My children.

I’m a total geek when :

When I watch a program on my smart tv with my laptop at my side, my iPhone in hand and my tablet within easy reach... Multi-tasking or attention deficit... it's a bit of a toss-up!

Locked up alone in an empty room,
I would bring :

• A pillow and a blanket to start catching up on several years of lost sleep (Having children does that to you, you know!)
• My laptop with an Internet connection so that I could watch a succession of series on Netflix.
• No need to come rescue me too quickly.