Benoit Domingue

Things I like a lot :

• Mountains
• Snow, sun and meat.
• And of course, dogs, cats and hot asphalt!

Things I can’t stand :

• Cats
• The TV show La Poule aux œufs d’or.

The perfect tree would grow:

• Love
• Fresh water
• Espresso

I confess, I have a bad habit of :

Being in a good mood in the morning (some of my co-workers can’t stand that).

Pirate, ninja or cowboy :

Ninja x 1,000. Ninjas are a lot more efficient than pirates or cowboys.

I clearly have a fixation on :

Garden gnomes

I’m a total geek when :

I get up in the morning

Locked up alone in an empty room,
I would bring :

• Internet
• My iPhone
• A charger and a month’s worth of batteries