Reptiletech was commissioned to integrate and program the revamping of the Ultramar website. Graphic design was coordinated by Ultramar's advertising agency. The site is divided into several sections based on the company's target markets and service offering. For the general public, there is a service station locator designed to facilitate consumer searches for nearby Ultramar service stations.

One of the challenges of this project was to develop a management console which would lend Ultramar considerable autonomy in creating content. Given that information differed from one region to the next, it was necessary to provide for flexibility in the matter of page creation, while employing the same template to ensure visual and structural consistency in content presentation.

Mobile website

With a view to providing information to customers on the move, Ultramar also commissioned Reptiletech with the development of a mobile site. This version incorporates the graphic signature of the corporate website, while presenting elements specific to information consumption while at the wheel of one's car and can be managed using the same management console as for the corporate website.

In terms of content and tools development, the mobile site proposes as follows: geolocation of service stations and Pipeline facilities, current gasoline prices, and convenience store promotions.