Les Grands Explorateurs

Les Grands Explorateurs, a veritable Québec-based institution, has been attracting cross-generational audiences since the 1970s with films showcasing the beauty of the world and its peoples.

To perpetuate the organization's message and develop closer ties with online consumers, Les Grands Explorateurs commissioned Reptiletech to redesign their website. 

The graphic concept was totally revisited to optimize the customer experience, and the home page redesigned to incorporate carousel-style clips of the films on offer. In addition to providing a link to the world of cinematography, the site was designed to spur interactivity by making it easier for customers to browse and select content. The result is an online presence which takes the form of media-rich discovery tour. Video clips and photographs indeed continue to contribute handsomely to the ongoing success of Les Grands Explorateurs.

In addition to enhanced visual design and ergonomics, Reptiletech developed and implemented a new management console to facilitate content entry, one of the client's primary aims being to optimize day-to-day operational flexibility. 

The ticket and subscription purchase mechanism, unchanged, was subsequently integrated into the new visual grid.

Les Grands Explorateurs