E-mail Marketing Tool

E-mail marketing campaigns are excellent means of acquiring prospects and customers, retaining customers, and building lasting customer relationships.

A good tool is essential for developing an outstanding e-mail marketing campaign. Emailicious is the tool which allows you to manage your e-mail marketing campaigns with maximum efficiency! Indeed, our tool adapts to the needs of novices who prefer simple, easy-to-use templates as well as more experienced e-mail marketing teams.

Emailicious makes it possible to customize your e-mail campaign for each subscriber and automatically adapts to audience reading behaviour.

Emailicious currently sends over 50 000 000 e-mails per year. Bolstered by experience to date, we are poised to develop strategies designed to meet the specific needs of YOUR company.

Summary of functionalities

Mailing lists:

  • Unlimited number of lists and contacts
  • Independent management of database fields
  • Importing of lists in CSV and XLS format
  • Exporting of lists in CSV and XML format
  • Possibility of configuring your own FTP as source of import/export data
  • Subscription with e-mail confirmation (double opt-in)
  • Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (Bill C-28)

Automated mailing list maintenance:

  • Automatic removal of duplicate e-mail addresses
  • Validation of e-mail address format
  • Automated processing of bounces (soft and hard)
  • Automated unsubscribe via e-mail address or site
  • Blacklist to avoid import problems


  • Segmentation available for exporting and sending
  • Segmentation possible for all database fields

Multiple users:

  • Possibility of several users per account
  • Permission management for each user

Mailing statistics module:

  • Easy to understand graphics
  • E-mail opening rate (single or multiple)
  • E-mail click rate (with details respecting each link clicked)
  • Click/reading time distribution
  • Number of persons having referred a friend upon receipt of e-mail
  • Unsubscriptions
  • Invalid addresses (bounces)

List statistics module:

  • Comprehensive profile report
  • Subscriber geographic data
  • Consultation of most recent newsletters
  • Opening statistics per day/per hour
  • Loyalty statistics
  • Data distribution per field

Integration into your Website

  • API providing for extremely flexible integration
  • Integration by ReptileMail or your team
  • No application to install
  • No additional equipment to purchase

Relax, we’ll take
care of the rest