Web Hosting

Whether or not your are the individual in charge of developing your Web project, your site deserves to be hosted in a stable, high performance environment. Despite the democratization of Web hosting, few providers are poised to offer real stability and outstanding performance at reasonable cost.

Our infrastructure operates in a virtual VMware environment, meaning that we remain completely independent and able to utilize the resources of a number of different servers. We therefore enjoy the capacity to adapt to traffic demand and to manage high-traffic websites.

The leading difference between our Web hosting service and that of other providers is optimal content delivery.

Content Delivery Architecture
Our server architecture is designed so that different types of requests are processed by different servers, the object being to use the most performance-oriented server for each request type.

Hence, depending on type, requests are directed to different servers:

  • Static content (images, HTML, PDFs, etc.)
  • Dynamic content (PHP, .PY, AspX)
  • Database (MySQL, Postgres, MsSql)

Web Hosting in Canada
For a number of years now, Canada has been an important interconnection player. Our Web hosting servers, central to our operations, are located in the Montréal-based Cologix data centres.

There is no valid reason for local sites to be hosted in other countries where operations must comply with foreign rules and regulations such as the Patriot Act in the United States.

Relax, we’ll take
care of the rest