Corporate Blog Strategy

Are you familiar with blogs and what they can do for business? Corporate blogs can provide myriad benefits if they are well managed:

  • Obtain public opinions instantly
  • Provide direct contact with customers and suppliers
  • Explain decisions and dispel rumours
  • Provide a controlled environment for responding to customer comments and criticism
  • Enhance Web visibility (SEO)
  • Boost corporate notoriety (avant-garde nature/industry leader)
  • Provide links to and popularization by other bloggers/online community

We can help you decide whether the creation of a corporate blog would be a worthwhile option for your company to consider. We can suggest a suitable blog strategy, and an approach designed to satisfy your objectives and maximize content strategy, while fostering bilateral communications with bloggers and the online community.

Reptiletech is skilled in developing blogs which utilize easy-to-use platforms based on Open Source technologies such as Wordpress. We can also develop more complex blogs featuring unique, innovative functionalities.

If you require assistance in selecting the platform best suited to your blog creation needs, contact us to see how we might help.

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