Bonduelle, world leader in processed vegetables and largest processor of canned and frozen vegetables in Canada, has chosen Reptiletech as new partner tasked with revisiting three different platforms: the company’s food services site, the Arctic Gardens brand site, and the development of an internal database for Bonduelle Amercas.
In particular:

  • Showcase Arctic Gardens brand with consumers: products, inspirations, helpful hints, etc;
  • Develop a database to centralize company products with a view to facilitating product access and management for representatives;
  • Set up an intranet for Bonduelle representatives, the aim being to facilitate the generation of personalized customer catalogues;
  • Create a a commercial space to provide cutting edge B2B customer information and inventory status.

Bonduelle North America is the largest processor of canned and frozen vegetables in Canada. The combination of company expertise and high calibre agricultural partnerships in the most fertile regions of the continent guarantee premium quality products designed to satisfy discriminating customer demand.

Bonduelle chooses Reptiletech